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    This business was started back in 1998 by two guys looking to support their racing habit. We also wanted to help the other racers out there as much as possible with providing quality products at a fair price. We at Finishline feel that we have accomplished just that. If you are in need of a Buick Part give us a call.

    What We Offer

    Finish Line Motorsports offers a variety of services including:

    • Head Conversions Stage 1
    • Port Work Street Strip & Full Race
    • Flow Bench Testing
    • Crank Grinding
    • Balancing
    • Fitting of Girdles with Line Hone
    • Decking
    • Grouting of Blocks
    • Boring & Honing
    • Complete Race and Street Engines
    • Custom Crank Work
    • Competition VJ

    Buick Cars

    Amy Makley Hydraulic cammed, 494 inch's, Bulldog heads best et 10.78 @ 124mph

    Amy Makley 470 ci, 12.7-1 comp., Solid flat tappet cam, Bulldog heads, Best ET 10.36 @128.

    Geof Ketchum 535inch aluminum headed flat tappet cammed Best et 8.66 @ 153 mph

    Geof Ketchum 535 ci, Aluminum headed, flat tappet cammed, Procharged Pump Gas Engine, Best ET 8.24 @ 164 mph.

    Bobb Makley 535 procharged lat tappet cammed stage 2 headed 8.80's @ 153 MPH at 3700LBS and stock suspension.

    Bobb Makley 535 Procharged, flat tappet cammed, stage 2 headed, 8.80's @ 153 MPH at 3700LBS and stock suspension.

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